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Generational Group

  • Corporate Testimonial
  • Merger & Acquisition


Generational Group is a Dallas-based M&A firm that specializes lower-to-middle market transactions. They have consistently been named one of the nation’s top investment banking firms in North America and have closed more transactions in the last decade than any other M&A advisory firm in the U.S.


As part of their strategy, Generational Equity leverages the power of video production to capture testimonials of clients they have successfully exited. Cardboard Spaceship’s team understand financial messaging and the creative design when communicating trust, strategy and execution. 

Our Approach

Cardboard Spaceship helped build and deliver a comprehensive video strategy resulting in over 16 documentary testimonials, a series of live and pre-recorded webinars, a commercial video strategy with a professional PGA endorsement, and ongoing conference promotional content that continually helped the company reach thousands of business owners throughout the year.