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WEX Investor Day – 2022

  • Investor Day
  • Live Broadcast
  • Virtual Production

WEX Investor Day – 2022

In 2022, WEX retained Cardboard Spaceship to direct, produce and deliver a virtual live broadcast of their Investor Day for their global analysts.


WEX is a global leader in payment processing and information management services to the commercial and government vehicle fleet industry. In Q1 of 2022, the company held a large-scale Investor Day for its analysts to highlight industry trends, communicate key leadership strategies, and drive shareholder value.


WEX used multiple consultants to identify a production company with the necessary experience and capabilities to provide a seamless virtual event and live Q&A for their global investors in real time. Cardboard Spaceship was selected as the production company of choice to work with the WEX executive leadership team to produce their 2022 Investor Day.

Our Approach

Our approach was to produce a seamless, tech-forward virtual event for the Investor Day. We worked alongside key executives to highlight industry trends, communicate key strategies in a creative way, and help drive shareholder value.

We seamlessly integrated with WEX and Edelman Smithfield teams to provide:

  • 1. Creative direction and set design
  • 2. Full-scale animation (charts, graphs, and key metrics)
  • 3. Virtual event hosting & live Q&A integration
  • 4. Microsite development and registration
  • 5. Animated explainer videos

“It’s very critical to have the right production partner. Making sure that you have a professional look and feel.”

Hunter Stenback - Senior Vice President Financial Communications, Edelman