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Danielle Calodney

Danielle Calodney’s work is all about authentic, compelling performances. She built her craft in the documentary world as a director/DP, but her background in acting and improv comedy quickly steered her into scripted commercials. She has been finding her footing making quippy, bright, youthful spots for major food brands like Snickers, Hostess, and Jack in the Box. She is known for making character-driven films that bring imaginary spaces in our head into reality. Through this aesthetic and approach, she is able to fuse her kinetic, metaphor-heavy, colorful style into commercial and branded work across many genres.

She was born into a gigantic family of doctors and pharmacists in small-town East Texas. As such, she’s equally at home in the healthcare space as she is situational comedy (which is basically a description of her personal life).

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