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Kristina Kovacevic

Head of Business Development

For nearly two decades, I have served as the founder of KK Reps, a mid-west agency representing some of the nation’s top directors and creatives in the video production industry. I was relied upon by some of the largest advertising agencies to procure the right production companies and directors for their creative needs. I have devoted my life to mastering the craft of selling talent and truly love my job. I have managed to build some of the most meaningful relationships in this industry with people who are doing tremendous work.

When I was introduced to Tribe Films, I was amazed at the number of industry verticals they were diversified in. Often times, agencies look for specific directors with skill sets that match their creative needs for their commercials or branded content which can make my job challenging at times. You either have production companies that have a ton of specialty work in one sector or a production company with a little of everything across a several verticals. But with Tribe Films, they truly stood out to me. You don’t see the amount of or the level of work they have across so many verticals that often. I believed the wealth of offerings they present would allow me to expand my reach even further than I had over my career.

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