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Full-Service Video Production With High-End Results

Cardboard Spaceship is a full-service video production house that produces high-end results. Our award-winning team crafts powerful stories with stunning cinematography. We listen closely, then develop compelling concepts that meet your objectives, budget, and schedule.

Our Backstory

Why the name Cardboard Spaceship? Well, the team wanted a name that truly projected creativity and childlike wonder.

This story starts with a child drifting off to sleep. Suddenly, he’s awoken by a teddy bear. The bear tells the child he’s crash-landed on this planet and needs help repairing his Cardboard Spaceship. Together, they repair and craft something new, something different, something the bear has never quite seen before. The bear thanks the child and bestows upon him a single wish. It’s not really about Cardboard, it’s not really about Spaceships. It’s about imagination.

Our Backstory

All great things must start somewhere.

So let’s start here

Cardboard Spaceship invites our clients to work with us to imagine a future where your project is done.

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