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Centene Corporation

  • Investor Day
  • Supplemental Video Production


Centene Corporation is a Fortune 500 company and a leader in the healthcare enterprise industry. In December 2022, Centene hosted its first Investor Day after several years to announce key strategic initiatives, including a new program to support the families and victims of Uvalde, TX.


Centene and Edelman Smithfield worked with Cardboard Spaceship to capture their ground-breaking ceremonies in Uvalde to showcase during their investor day.

Our Approach

Cardboard Spaceship worked with Centene to create a mini-documentary highlighting the organization’s deep focus on the communities that it serves. Following the tragedy at Robb Elementary in March 2022, Centene and many partners joined together to restore hope in the community.

The dedication/groundbreaking ceremony, wellness fair, and community b-roll paired with interviews of key personnel surrounding the initiative to tell the story of rebuilding the community at large. Our vision was to capture the strength and resilience of the people of Uvalde and the steps needed to build a better future.

We focused on vignettes of the Uvalde community, capturing the small, ordinary activities that weave a bigger tapestry and to help reveal a greater story of healing, perseverance and remembrance.