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IBM Global Solutions Center

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Cardboard Spaceship worked IBM to film 8 local artists through their creative journey in redesigning their Global Solutions Center.

IBM’s Redesign of Their Global Solutions Center

In 2019, IBM set out to redesign their Global Solutions Center. in Coppell, Texas. But instead of the traditional interior designer approach, IBM wanted something culturally unique that could bridge the workplace and to create a unique sense of inclusivity. The answer was to redesign the center using local talent. Artist Uprising, a Dallas based agency, was tasked with the mission to curate eight artists in the Dallas Ft. Worth that could bridge the workplace using culture and art.

Our Approach

Cardboard Spaceship was contracted to document the entire process. Starting in July 2020 and ending in September 2021, we documented the entire creative process of each artist. What started out as simple concepts ended in wonderful masterpieces. We worked with IBM, Artist Uprising and each artist to capture the journey of each artist’s creative approach.

“Thank you for making this project a huge success. We could not be happier with the results.”

Charlie Flexon – Design Director, IBM