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Yesway | Allsups

  • Pre-IPO Roadshow | Analyst Day | Commercial

Yesway’s Pre-IPO Roadshow


Yesway is one of the fastest-growing convenience store operators in the United States. Established in 2015, Yesway is a multi-branded platform that acquires, transforms, and enhances portfolios of convenience stores by leveraging expertise in real estate and technology, and by implementing data-driven decision-making.


With its recent acquisition of Allsups, and its rapid acceleration in revenue, Yesway decided to register for an initial public offering. Edelman Smithfield was tasked with identifying and contracting qualified production companies with relevant experience in pre-IPO video productions. After an extensive RFP process, Cardboard Spaceship was contracted to create, direct and produce a series of executive interview-style videos, complete with promotional commercial spotlights showcasing their national footprint, and service vertical videos highlighting their offering during their capital markets roadshow.


Our Approach

Cardboard Spaceship focused on preserving the legacy of Allsup’s, while capturing a series of lifestyle productions that reflected adventure, excitement and highlighted their motto “Yes to Convenience”.

The lifestyle production focused on preserving Allsup’s small town legacy and foundation in rural communities while highlighting the financial performance and future expected revenue growth of Yesway as it continues to dominated the convenience store market.